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Value Proposition


PIP believes that our value to customers includes the following elements:

  • The attitude that the customer is “first” always. We strive to make every customer experience favorable and hassle free.
  • A broad and deep product line. We have done the heavy lifting for the customer that wants to reduce the number of suppliers they use by being a single source for many different types of products.
  • Recognizable branding. We have developed recognizable brands that add value for our customers and we will continue to work to improve the equity of our branding.
  • A relentless pursuit of operational perfection. We strive for perfection with the expectation that we will achieve excellence.
  • A competitive pricing strategy. We work diligently to understand our competition and to price our products competitively.
  • An ease of doing business. We strive to be the easiest company that our customers do business with.
  • Our people. We employ the best in the business and our customers recognize that

Our History

Protective Industrial Products has been an independently owned supplier of consumable personal protective equipment (PPE) to industrial distribution for 30 years. We constantly strive to build our product line with the value proposition of quality, integrity and safety. Our products have been designed and rigorously tested with the utmost safety in mind and we are highly confident in the ability of our products to perform well "at work" and beyond.

Our strategy is a simple one – We have built our business in a way that is based on assisting customers of any type grow their PPE sales through a solutions based approach. Put us to the test! Give us the opportunity to "Bring the Best of the World to You."

  • Joe Milot and Wellson Tao form Protective Industrial Products in a 400 sq. ft. space in Albany, NY.

    Purchased assets of Intermarket Imports, Inc. and expanded head office and distribution center into a 28,000 sq. ft. facility in Guilderland, NY.

    Acquired L.A. Sinotech and established a distribution center in California.

    Acquired Georgia Safety Group and Gloves Unlimited, Inc.

    Opened a distribution center in Memphis, TN.

    PIP Mexico formed.

    Acquired PRI Industries – a US manufacturer of specialty seamless knits.

  • Expanded New York operations to 125,000 sq. ft. and Tennessee distribution center to 90,000 sq. ft.

    Established exclusive sales partnership with ATG® Gloves in North America.

    PIP Latin America formed.

    Brahma Glove Co. acquired. Consumer division established.

    Mud® consumer glove brand and business acquired.

    DSM Dyneema® license acquired.

    West County Gardener® consumer glove brand and business acquired.

    PIP Italy established in Rome.

    SafetyGear™ USA acquired to extend safety products offering to protective and hi-vis garments.

  • H.L. Bouton® Eyewear brand and business acquired.

    Established exclusive sales partnership with JSP® in North America.

    McHenry Knitting and Manufacturing acquired.

    Certified Insulating Products assets acquired to enter the electrical safety market.

    DuPont® Kevlar® license acquired.

    PIP Balkans formed.

    PIP Iberia formed.

    PIP Canada established.

    ISSI Eyewear acquired.

    PIP Asia/Pacific operations expanded from Hong Kong to include sales and distribution centers in Malaysia and China.

    Over 300 employees.

    Global presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

    More than $200 million in sales.

    Referenced global leader in hand protection.

    Over 3500 products available from distribution centers totaling 500,000 sq. ft. in the US alone.